About the Island of Happiness Social Center

In 2014, along with the Orthodox Church “Acoperământul Maicii Domnului” from Ghidighici village, was established the NGO „Island of Happinnes” (“Insula Fericirii”), which was registered within the Justice Ministry of Republic of Moldova, with nr. 7044 on December 23rd, 2014.

The NGO „Island of Happinnes” is a charity, non-governmental, apolitical, non-profit organization, that promotes and sustains the charity, cultural, social, educational, athletic and ecologic projects.

In order for our mission to be accomplished successfully and with proper conditions on the offered services, in 2015, in Ghidighici village we started the construction of the Charity, Faith and Culture Center „Island of Happiness , which will include the following compartments:

  1. Social cafeteria;
  2. Social laundry;
  3. Social bathroom;
  4. After school for children from vulnerable families;
  5. Center for solitary elderly;
  6. Gym for physical recovery;
  7. Temporary shelter for people in trouble;
  8. Study room;
  9. Public library;
  10. Media center (radio, publishing house, TV).

            This center will become truly an island of happiness and comfort for those who are suffering and in pain. And at the entry we will display the following message:

            “ If you are suffering, whoever you are, come in, eat, rest, regain your hope, here you are loved!”

            Service beneficiaries:

  1. Orphan children;
  2. Children from vulnerable families;
  3. Children from mono-parental families;
  4. Solitary elderly;
  5. Disabled persons;
  6. Persons in detention.

Our Bank Information:


C/F: 1014620010144

IBAN: MD33AG000000022512474878


BC“Moldova Agroindbank”SA, fil.1, Chişinău


Address: mun. Chișinău, MD-2088, s. Ghidighici,

str. Ștefan cel Mare, 55A,

tel./fax: 022-71-01-49, 0792-56-111.

e-mail: insulafericirii@gmail.com


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